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    Issue game CTD at 99%

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    Issue game CTD at 99%

    Post by lockie on Mon Apr 23, 2018 2:38 pm

    STA 3.3 has a very resourceful textures 2048x2048. Well, may be it's not a big textures according to the modern rig, but for the game 10 years old - it's more than enough Smile
    That's why we've situation when the game CTD at 99%, almost at the end of the d/l. This happened because of the big textures size. To resolve this issue open with Notepad config.file:
    Find entry:
    tex_size = 0;
    change on
    tex_size = 1;
    In this way the texture will be decreased in two times, but at the resolution 1920x1080 u're hardly may see the difference, also your rig will work more efficiency!
    Thanks to woofiedog for the hint and to will73 for the technical details! Rock On!

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